Building Enclosure Consulting

Infrared surveys of the building envelope can quickly identify breaches in the air barrier system in existing buildings and points of energy loss.

WDP performs around 100 building envelope, façade assessments, peer reviews and structural investigation and repair projects every year, many of which address institutional and higher education facilities. Most of WDP’s repair projects involve facilities that must remain occupied and operating “business as usual” throughout the investigation and repair process. Our investigative strategies and value-based repair designs have addressed countless issues, such as building envelope problems manifested through air/water leakage, occupant comfort issues, structural deficiencies caused by moisture infiltration, differential movement, general deterioration of building materials, biological growth, and aesthetic deficiencies, among others. Our staff are experienced in the forensic evaluation of building enclosure failures, but we also frequently consult on new construction, and we find that our experience evaluating failures provides unique insight that can inform recommendations on new construction projects and vice-versa.

Building envelope consulting is not just a service that we provide; it is at the core of what we do. WDP has extensive experience with building envelope systems including roofing evaluations, façade investigations, fenestration testing, building science, air leakage mitigation, and thermal performance. Over the years, our investigative strategies and cost-effective design approaches have addressed countless issues, such as cracking, façade instability, air and water leakage, biological growth, and aesthetic deficiencies. We also have extensive experience in addressing energy performance issues and have worked on projects that were awarded LEED certification.

WDP provides professional building enclosure consulting services that include building envelope design consulting services, façade assessment of existing buildings, diagnostic testing and field investigation of reported moisture issues in existing buildings; peer review of architectural design of building enclosures; repair and restoration design and construction administration for building facades; mock up and field performance testing utilizing standardized testing methods for air and water; enclosure commissioning; and construction monitoring.  Our expertise in the diagnosis and correction of exterior envelope systems includes extensive knowledge of brick and natural stone masonry, window/curtain wall systems, roofing, exterior insulation, and finish systems (EIFS), wood, stucco, precast concrete wall panels, architectural metal panel systems, concrete, and steel structures. Our flexibility enables us to address a discrete problem or design a comprehensive restoration program for an entire complex. As energy codes evolve and LEED certifications become more commonplace, air barrier systems have become a major item of the building envelope that requires inspection and certification. WDP has Licensed Field Auditors who have been trained and certified under the Air Barrier Association of America’s Quality Assurance Program.