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Are you sure your masonry wall is grouted and reinforced?

Have you observed signs of distress within your concrete masonry walls, such as cracking, efflorescence or water penetration?

Are you concerned  that some of your concrete masonry was not  properly grouted, or that the steel reinforcing wasn’t installed properly?

How will you know what’s in the wall without tearing it down?

Improperly constructed concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls are  a common occurrence in many buildings.  WDP has several  methods that can be used for investigating defects.  Infrared thermography can be used to visually observe the existence of grouted and voided CMU cells.    Surface Penetrating Radar (SPR) can be used to locate voided block cells, grouted cells, grouted cells with steel reinforcement, splices in the steel reinforcement, and joint reinforcing.  Based on the findings of the nondestructive testing, repairs can be performed including steel reinforcement installation and retrofit grouting of the CMU walls.