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Do you have a problem with your post-tensioned structure, such as failed strands or anchorages, corroding strands, or broken wires?

Do you see steel “wires” protruding from damaged spots in your concrete?
Are the anchorages of the post-tensioning  strands damaged or  corroded at the  edges of your concrete structure?

These observations are indicative of potentially failed post tensioning strands.   WDP investigates the  post-tensioning system  to determine whether a repair or replacement strategy is warranted.  An investigation of these problems could include visual observations, nondestructive testing, and  testing of the post-tensioning  strands to verify the capacity of the existing structure.

Repairs could include  splicing in new post-tensioning strand  sections or completely replacing of failed   strands.  WDP also has experience in the installation of monitoring systems that can detect failure of post-tensioning strands over time.