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Does your building leak and do you want to know why, and how to correct it?

Leakage of buildings can be frustrating and lead to costly damage and inconvenience to tenants.  Often the causes are misdiagnosed and considerable time and money wasted in solving the wrong problem.  For example, roofs are frequently considered the sources of leakage when in fact the source is a wall parapet, or a window system.  Based on our extensive experience investigating leakage of multiple types on hundreds of buildings, we have a keen sense for potential causes and have the tools to obtain confirmation.  Tools include: infrared thermography and certified thermographers; various ASTM test methods and associated equipment for water penetrations and leakage assessments; electronic vector field mapping; various electronic moisture detecting equipment; nuclear moisture gauges.  WDP’s consultants diagnose and provide remedial solutions for leaking buildings and can assist you with your issues.