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Does your post-tensioned parking structure or bridge have corroding or exposed reinforcing steel?

Do you see steel “wires” protruding from damaged spots in your concrete?
Are there signs of corroded reinforcing steel just “breaking through” the surface of your concrete?

WDP investigates these conditions to determine whether there are issues with the post-tensioning strands  in the concrete or if the steel reinforcing was simply installed too close to the surface and has become corroded through exposure.  An investigation of these problems could include visual observations, testing of the post-tensioning strands to locate failures, and corrosion testing.

Post-tensioning repairs could consist of splicing in new post-tensioning strand sections or installation of supplemental strengthening measures.  Reinforcing steel corrosion may be addressed by removing deteriorated sections, cleaning the reinforcing steel, and installation of a repair concrete to protect the reinforcing and provide fire protection.  We also commonly design supplemental corrosion protection measures to help ensure a lasting repair.