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Does your project require building envelope quality assurance testing or building enclosure commissioning?

Increasingly, construction projects are requiring third-party testing and inspection of exterior building envelopes.  The services typically include mock-up testing of windows, doors and curtain-wall systems, inspections and testing of flashing installations, periodic testing of installed doors, window and curtain walls, testing of air and water barriers and overall inspections of the enclosure components during installation.  Some owners are interested in just preventing leaks, whereas others consider a more universal process called Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx).   Building Enclosure Commissioning has momentum in the industry due to the proven benefits of energy conservation and human comfort by limiting heat, moisture, air and noise transport through the building enclosure.  WDP has the personnel, knowledge, equipment and experience to provide the design assistance, quality assurance and BECx needs of any project.