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Is your occupancy permit at risk of delay due to unresolved construction deficiencies?

All construction projects are to be built per the approved plans and specifications.  In the real world, that always doesn’t happen.  Sometimes a project cannot be constructed as designed and sometimes the contractor employs a methodology that does not follow the plans and specifications.  Project-specific deficiency lists are used to track these items.  

  • WDP initiates these lists and provide them to all the interested parties (owner, contractor, structural engineer, and architect.)
  • We provide support so that these items can be reviewed and addressed during construction progress meetings.
  • All the items on the list have to be resolved (either replaced/retested or accepted by SER) prior to issuance of a certification by WDP’s professional engineers.
  • The local jurisdiction will not perform close-in inspections for the occupancy permit until it receives WDP’s certification that all deficiencies are resolved.