` History | WDP & Associates


WDP's Headquarters Office in Manassas, Virginia

When the founding Principals established the firm in 1995, the services encompassed forensic structural engineering, building envelope consulting and testing, façade repairs, geotechnical engineering, construction testing & inspection services and litigation support.  On March 30, 2015, the firm was re-named WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc. (WDP & Associates).  

As the firm has grown in size and scope, the passion for problem-solving and helping clients has continued to be the driving force of the business. Our staff resources have grown to approximately 50, who are located in our offices in Virginia,  South Carolina, and New York City. (WDP & Associates conducts business in New York and North Carolina as WDP Consulting Engineers, PC.) 

Today’s demand for high-performing, energy efficient buildings and the re-use or re-purposing of existing buildings and structures has broadened our expertise to include energy, thermal and moisture analysis of wall assemblies; building enclosure commissioning; architectural testing; and design/build repair strategies. 

We take great pride in our strong track record of successful projects and our high level of repeat business from clients and their referrals for new business.