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New ASTM Building Preservation and Rehabilitation Standard Approved

ASTM Subcommittee E06.24 on “Building Preservation and Rehabilitation Technology” has approved the new ASTM Standard E3069-17, “Standard Guide for Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Mass Masonry Walls for Changes to Thermal and Moisture Properties of the Wall.”  With energy conservation being a primary goal for architecture and engineering design today, proper evaluation of existing wall assemblies is imperative to avoid serious negative impacts, such as degradation of the existing masonry or interior finishes along with interior air quality and other moisture related issues. This standard provides guidance for the industry on the evaluation, analysis, and repair strategies for retrofitting mass masonry wall assemblies when improved energy performance is desired. Rex Cyphers, PE, Principal of WDP is the Task Group chair for this committee and spearheaded the development with significant contributions from a very active task group that included Carly Wagner, PE, Project Engineer, and Jodi Knorowski, PE, Project Engineer, both from the Charlottesville office of WDP.  The Task Group is also working to develop a standard to provide guidance for evaluation of sloped roof assemblies in similar retrofit applications and will be presenting a draft at the upcoming ASTM meeting in Toronto, Canada, this spring.  WDP congratulates all the ASTM Task Group Members involved with the development of this important new standard.