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Project Update - Hilton Garden Inn, Haymarket, VA

Haymarket's new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel is close to getting it's final steel inspection to wrap up WDP's inspections on the structural phase of the project. WDP will be continuing inspection services for the parking lot and sidewalk areas.

Located just down the road from the Haymarket Museum, the hotel is touted to be the area's "central stay" since it offers quick access to Interstate 66, only 35 minute travel to Washington Dulles Airport, 90 minute travel from downtown D.C., and two hour travel from the Blue Ridge Parkway North Entrance. Among it's many amenities, the Hilton Hotel will also include it's very own restaurant called the Red House Tavern. The Hilton Hotel is scheduled to open in March 2022. To find out more information, click on Hilton Garden Inn, Haymarket, VA.