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Project Update - New Public Safety Facility

Construction of the New Public Safety Facility for the City of Manassas is progressing with concrete pours completed on 4 levels of the Main building.  Concrete for the penthouse level of the main building has been completed as well. Special inspections for masonry, light gage metal framing (LGMF) and structural steel remain on-going. 

Concrete placement has been completed for the parking level and first floor of the Auxiliary Building which is also continuing with steel placement as is the Main Building. An elevated walkway connecting the Auxiliary Building to the Main Building will also be included, but construction will be delayed until site access is no longer needed for heavy equipment traffic.

Thank you to our T&I staff involved in the project:
  • Colin Rodman, C.E.T. - Special inspections and testing
  • Jay Hoffman, C.E.T. - Structural steel inspections
  • Rick Hale, AWS, CWI - Structural steel inspections
  • Ed Brilhart, C.E.T. - Field Operations Manager
  • Adam Garrity, C.E.T. - Lab Assistant Manager / laboratory testing
  • Rob Niber, P.E. - Project Manager / Geotechnical Consulting / SIER