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Cinema Complex, San Antonio, TX

WDP was retained to evaluate structural and water leakage issues into an 85,000 SF theatre located in San Antonio, Texas.  Cracking and large displacements were observed in the exterior single wythe masonry walls.  The exterior walls were 35 ft. tall and were designed to be reinforced and grouted at both 24" and 48" o.c. and to include intermediate bond beams.  New storefront windows along with EIFS and tile façade elements were added to the west elevation after original construction.  Widespread interior leakage was observed through this portion of the building. 

The distress in the masonry walls was investigated through the use of infrared thermography, surface penetrating radar, and exploratory openings.  The source of the interior leakage was evaluated through diagnostic water testing along with exploratory openings. 

A comprehensive repair plan was developed that addressed both the structural deficiencies and the interior leakage in multiple phases to include a partial façade replacement, upgrading the exterior of the building.  WDP developed full contract documents and provided bid assistance along with Construction Administration Services.  The overall repair included supplementing the foundation and strengthening the exterior walls to address missing grout, reinforcement, bond beams and unbonded corners.  The partial façade replacement and repairs included removal and replacement of EIFS to install window perimeter flashings and replacing the existing failing tile façade with a new adhered stone veneer.