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City of Manassas Main Street Streetscapes, Manassas, VA

The Main Street Streetscapes project is a City of Manassas Capital Improvement Plan project and has been a continuation of the city’s strategic plan to transform Old Town Manassas.   This project, which included 1,050 lane feet of construction, allows for outside dining and improved pedestrian areas by widening sidewalks, adding 19 trees, brick cross walks, and replacing the existing parking spots with 10 parallel parking spaces. 

WDP worked closely with the City’s water and sewer departments, and Columbia gas to relocate numerous utilities. Our scope of services included geotechnical engineering consultation related to reuse of excavated materials, suitability of imported backfill materials, and efficient execution of backfilling operations.  During the ongoing construction phase, WDP inspectors performed compaction testing of 21A stone backfill within utility trenches in pavement and sidewalk areas, and concrete testing for curb/gutter and sidewalks.  All utility and road work were performed in accordance with City of Manassas Public Works specifications, which includes the VDOT Road and Bridge Specifications.