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Fire & Rescue Station #21

City of Manassas, Fire & Rescue Station #21

WDP provided a preliminary geotechnical investigation to assist with property constraint assessment and pre-purchase due diligence as well as preliminary building and site planning considerations for the construction of a new fire and rescue station with miscellaneous parking, associated utilities, and SWM/BMP facilities. Backhoe test pits were excavated, soil samples were tested at WDP’s laboratory, and geotechnical evaluation and analysis were performed. Based upon information and WDP’s geotechnical due diligence services, the City of Manassas was able to make a better informed decision regarding land purchase and eventual development. WDP is currently providing geotechnical engineering consulting and special inspections and materials testing on the new 20,839 SF fire and rescue facility on Dumfries Road. The new fire station provides accommodations and operational needs which include bunk rooms, a day room, kitchen, restrooms/locker rooms, a training room, office spaces, and a 4-door apparatus bay with enough space for gear and shop storage. Site elements include concrete and asphalt pavements, utilities, a dumpster and generator, a training tower, and Dumfries Road improvements.

Inherent challenges on this project site included shallow shale/siltstone bedrock, silty/clayey soils and remnants of former residential structures and drain fields. In addition, a significant cut slope was required at the rear (west) and north sides of the project. During the due diligence study, WDP evaluated the site constraints related to shallow rock and silty/clayey soils by providing recommendations to minimize construction challenges and excessive costs, and to maintain long-term slope stability. WDP’s special inspection and materials testing services for soils, concrete, CMU, and structural steel have provided quality assurance to the City of Manassas that the project is being built in accordance with the approved/permitted plans and specifications.