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George Washington University Masonry Façade Restoration 2140 G Street, NW, Washington, DC

The historic row house serves as the offices for the University’s Student Newspaper.  During renovation of the interior office spaces, a section of masonry in the attic of the structure partially collapsed.  WDP was retained to determine the cause and assess the damage after the partial collapse.  The multi-wythe brick masonry wall was constructed with inset wood members serving as nailing attachments for the roof framing and for the ornamental metal trim work at the building entrance elevation.  Prolonged water penetration through the exterior wall system resulted in deterioration of the inset wood members and subsequent rotation of the brick wythes supported by the inset members.

WDP developed temporary shoring and support framing to preserve the stability of the wall until comprehensive repairs could be executed.  While the temporary shoring was being installed, WDP developed repair contract documents to encompass partial dismantling of the unstable wall area, salvaging of brick, and revised support of roof framing and ornamental metal trim.  WDP also provided construction administration and Special Inspection services during execution of the comprehensive repairs.