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Marion County Courthouse Square Complex, Design/Build Repairs

The Courthouse Square Complex had been plagued since the original construction with movement, cracking, leakage and deterioration of the building façade, framing and parking garage.  Engineers investigating the problems determined that it needed to be evacuated and recommended that it be demolished at a significant expense to the County.  The Marion County Courthouse Square Complex exhibited signs of structural and building envelope distress within 10 years of construction. Deficiencies included slab center slab deflections, concrete cracking, water leakage, and displaced exterior masonry veneer.  These deficiencies posed safety concerns and the building was vacated by the county.

WDP, serving as the Designer of Record with STRUCTURAL created a Design/Build solution to remediate the structural and building envelope problems and restore serviceability of the complex that saved the county over $30 million versus demolishing the structure and building new.  WDP's structural remediation program included strengthening columns, shearheads, slabs, shear walls, and foundations to meet code-required gravity and seismic forces.  In addition to the structural improvements, architectural repairs and upgrades to the building façade and fenestration were performed to correct active leakage problems, reduce building air infiltration, and correct damaged or distorted wall framing systems. 

Exterior repairs necessary to strengthen the inadequate bus loop/parking garage slab also permitted the reconfiguration of the surface drainage and the installation of an epoxy overlay to mitigate future leakage and corrosion.  The $22.9 million Design/Build contract signed September 2012, resulted in an on-time reopening of the complex in April 2014.