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McLeod Parking Garage, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

The McLeod Parking Garage is a 67,300 square foot structure consisting of 141 parking spaces on two levels.  The structure was opened in 1972, and corrosion deterioration, in the form of concrete delamination and spalling, had been observed throughout the garage prompting the University’s request for a structural survey and assessment. 

As part of our Structural Engineering Services Term Contract with the University of Virginia, WDP performed a structural evaluation including visual and sounding surveys and field and laboratory testing using both destructive and nondestructive test methods.  An assessment report including repair recommendations and cost estimate was issued. 

Following the structural evaluation and recommendations for rehabilitation, WDP worked closely with University personnel through meetings and presentations to tailor the repair scheme to meet the specific needs of the University.  Through this team approach, WDP developed a full set of contract documents that generally included the following repairs:

  • Concrete delamination and spall repairs at decks, beams, soffit ribs, and vertical surfaces;
  • Replacement of existing expansion joints and select reconstruction of joints to address water penetration;
  • Concrete crack repairs;
  • Removal and replacement of damaged brick masonry and related steel supports around the perimeter of the garage; and
  • Installation of a concrete sealer and traffic bearing membrane.

WDP assisted the University in selecting the Contractor through participating as an advisory member of the selection committee during the RFQ and RFP interview process.  WDP provided professional construction phase services to oversee the work and to address unforeseen conditions in an expedited manner.