Monmouth County Correctional Institution

The Monmouth County Correctional Institution (MCCI) is one of the largest facilities of its kind in New Jersey and among the top ten largest county correctional institutions in the nation. MCCI has an occupancy rating of 1,328 inmates. Designed in a modular, or “pod” layout, Corrections Officers can quickly move to restore order or keep an eye on potential trouble. Pods are open environments where prisoners are not locked down for 23 hours a day unless their behavior warrants it.

The facility was constructed in 1995, and began displaying severe water penetration and structural cracking of the exterior masonry walls. WDP worked with the County personnel, Warden and corrections officers to perform a detailed condition assessment and evaluation of constructed conditions. Our work was closely coordinated such that the inmates’ normal activities and movements were not interrupted. Our interior work in cells was scheduled to the periods when inmates would be in the community “pod” areas. When we needed access to the kitchen to perform testing, the work was performed after hours to avoid any impact on cooking operations.

Through our series of destructive and non-destructive testing, coupled with an in-depth review of available documents and structural analysis, it was determined that the cracking was due to un-accommodated differential movement between the structural frame and the exterior cladding. Water penetration of the exterior walls was determined to be from a variety of sources including defective flashings, window leakage and leakage due to excessively cracked and permeable masonry. Currently, WDP is preparing the design documents for overall repairs to the facility with the estimated cost to be on the order of $10 million.