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Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School

Fairfax County Public Schools, Alexandria, VA
WDP provided geotechnical consulting, special inspections, and laboratory materials testing services for classroom additions and interior renovations at the school. 
WDP’s services included:
  • Monitoring of concrete placement and testing: WDP sampled and tested concrete used for footings and slab for the classroom addition as well as several building additions onto the already existing school.  Cylinders were cast for each pour and brought back to the laboratory for storage and compressive strength testing.  Concrete was monitored and tested for various sidewalks and curb and gutter.
  • Monitoring of CMU placement for interior alterations and additions as well as materials testing of grout and mortar specimens at required intervals. 
  • Monitoring the excavation and placement of site utilities to ensure required elements were present prior to backfill operations.  Backfill of the area was also monitored for proper soil type as well as compaction methods and percentages.
  • Monitoring the installation of the SWM/BMP facilities to ensure components were installed correctly.
  • Inspections of columns, anchor bolts, and other various components placed per AWS and AISC standards and tolerances.