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New Education Building Settlement, Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind, Staunton, VA

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WDP was retained by the project architect to investigate the probable cause(s) of settlement and attendant damage to the new Education Building that occurred while still under construction.  In addition to site examinations and document reviews, WDP’s services included geotechnical investigations using test borings and dilatometer soundings, laboratory testing, evaluation and analysis, and preparation of a written report of opinion.  WDP determined that fill placement did not extend laterally to a sufficient distance that contributed to the observed settlement and attendant damages. WDP was also requested to assist with foundation stabilization alternates and implementation to arrest further building movement. As a result of WDP's investigation and assistance, the building movements were arrested using micropiles such that no additional settlement or movements occured. This allowed the project to stay on schedule but did require approximately $2.5 million of additional unforseen costs.