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University of Richmond Thomas and Jeter Halls, Richmond, VA

The University engaged WDP to conduct an investigation and to assist in the design of the renovation and restoration of two historic multi-wythe brick dormitory buildings which were originally constructed in the 1910’s.  The project’s objective was to extend the service life of the historic buildings as they celebrated 100 years as well as bring the buildings up to the most current energy code standards and modern day performance expectations. 

WDP’s specific services included conducting diagnostic water testing of the mass masonry walls as well as assisting the designer of record in the development of repair and restoration procedures for the historic stucco, cast stone and brick masonry in accordance with the National Park’s Service Preservation Briefs.  Additionally, WDP conducted transient hygrothermal analyses for both the roof and the mass masonry walls.  When insulation and air barriers are added to historic slate roofs and historic brick masonry, the thermal and vapor exposures of the historic materials are drastically altered.  Our analysis was used to guide the choices and placement of interior insulating and air barrier materials.  Finally, WDP provided extensive coordination and direction on the thermal performance of the replacement windows.  Replacement windows that had been installed within the original cast stone surrounds in the early 1990’s did not meet the 2012 Energy Code requirements.  WDP installed thermocouples on the glass and frames to measure the thermal gradient across the windows and provided the University’s window manufacturer with direction on computer simulations and laboratory tests to develop a glazing and framing combination that complied with the new requirements.