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University of Virginia Judge Advocate General (JAG) Building, Charlottesville, VA

The Judge Advocate General (JAG) School is a concrete framed structure with brick infill constructed in the early 1970s.  The third and fourth floors of the building serve as temporary living quarters for students attending classes at the school.  WDP was contacted after a major interior renovation of the facility’s fourth floor revealed significant deterioration of the light gage framing, exterior wall assemblies, and structural steel framing system.  An evaluation of the condition of the exterior wall systems, structural steel framing, and concrete structure was performed.  The evaluation involved reviewing the condition of the exterior metal stud walls, exterior sheathing, exterior veneer, exterior veneer structural attachments, structural steel framing, and the concrete structure as it related to the exterior walls.  Exploratory openings were made in the exterior veneer and the interior drywall to evaluate the wall system components.

Our findings and recommendations for repair were presented to the Owner.  The Owner made the decision to execute a major renovation program to undertake a full façade replacement for the upper floors and rehabilitate the structural steel and concrete framing system.  WDP performed structural analysis on the exterior light gage framing system, structural steel framing, and concrete structure of the building.  Full contract documents were created, and construction administration and monitoring services were provided for the project.  The overall scope of repairs included removal and replacement of the brick veneer, exterior light gage framing, exterior sheathing, sliding glass doors, flashing, and weather barrier systems.  Repairs to the structural steel framing, steel guards, concrete and structural precast beams were also included as part of the project.

The entire interior and exterior of the building was replaced and renewed at a fraction of the cost of a new building.

This project was awarded the 2012 ICRI Outstanding Repair Project Award for the façade restoration and structural improvements.