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University of Virginia Underpinning Failure at Chemistry Building Library, MSENT Nanotechnology Building, Charlottesville, VA

WDP was retained by the University of Virginia to investigate the probable causes of movement beneath the existing chemistry building library.  The probable cause of movement was due to deflections from the permanent excavation shoring system (PESS) utilized as part of the adjacent MSENT Nanotechnology Building project that was under construction.  WDP assessed the in-place soil materials and the structural capacity of the post-tensioned tie-back anchors, and performed a structural analysis of the soil retention system and settlement calculations.  Strengthening measures designed by WDP included the installation of six additional post-tensioned tieback anchors prior to repair of the library.  Repairs to the chemistry library included installation of additional bearing supports for the precast tees and grade beams tied to the existing underpinning system.