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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Laboratory Building

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers oversaw the design and construction of a high-security laboratory facility located in the southern United States. The facility consisted of one story with approximately 50,000 SF, utilizing below-grade waterproofing and an under-slab vapor retarder. Our services encompassed both the design and construction phases, beginning with the verification that the Basis of Design (BOD) met the owner’s requirements for the project. We provided a peer review of the design documents for the building enclosure at specified completion intervals, paying particular attention to the details which would ensure an air and water-tight envelope that would meet the specific parameters required for highly specialized laboratory facilities.

During the construction phase, WDP monitored the installation of building enclosure components to ensure they were installed properly and with good workmanship. WDP also performed quality assurance testing of the air barrier. Upon the completion of construction, WDP prepared a final report for the building enclosure commissioning.

 As the BECxA, WDP was responsible for the following objectives:

  • Attending building enclosure commissioning kickoff meeting with the owner, architect, construction manager, subcontractors
  • Verifying that the basis of the design met the owner’s project requirements
  • Performing peer review of project design documents for building envelope construction at specified completion intervals
  • Developing building enclosure commissioning construction plan
  • Review of building enclosure shop drawings & submittals
  • Attending preconstruction meetings with the construction manager and trade subcontractors
  • Attending O/A/C construction progress meetings
  • Conducting QA testing of the first work of air barrier installation
  • Maintaining the building enclosure non-conformance log during construction
  • Conducting field performance testing – standardized testing of field installations of air barriers, windows, curtain walls, and roofing
  • Verifying that the building enclosure was installed properly by the contractors
  • Verifying/documenting proper building enclosure performance per the project specifications
  • Verifying that O&M documentation left on site was complete