Vint Hill

Vint Hill Public Street Network

This work was an initial phase of the overall Vint Hill Public Street Network project. After 2 winters of weather exposure, some concrete curb/gutter along Brookside Parkway was deemed unacceptable by VDOT due to spalling; WDP was requested to provide an audit/evaluation of this matter and provide recommendations. Remedial efforts for the project involved the removal and replacement of defective curb/gutter and sidewalks along Brookside Parkway. WDP performed quality control concrete field testing (slump, air content, and temperature) and fabricated test cylinders with each day’s concrete placement to ensure VDOT criteria was met with replacement work.

During the design phases, WDP worked closely with the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority, Fauquier County Community Development, construction managers and design engineers to evaluate the suitability of the proposed pavement sections. The team considered the abundance of MH soils, including CBR testing and use of cement-treated aggregate (CTA) to achieve the desired pavement service life and maintain budget control in their evaluation.

During construction, WDP inspectors monitored sitework and roadway construction for compliance with VDOT Road and Bridge Specifications in accordance with the VDOT LAP program. This included compaction testing of roadway fill, utility backfill, 21A and CTA placement, and asphalt pavement. Concrete testing was performed for curb/gutter, handicap ramps, and sidewalks.

  • Geotechnical Engineering Design Consulting / Value Engineering
    • Laboratory Testing
  • Construction Phase Inspections & Materials Testing (CEI Services)
    • Laboratory Testing
    • Geotechnical Engineering Consulting