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Virginia State Capitol Moisture Intrusion and Skylight Leakage Repair Design, Richmond, VA

Designed by Thomas Jefferson and built in 1788, the Virginia State Capitol is a National Historic Landmark and accommodates the Virginia General Assembly, the oldest legislative body in the Western Hemisphere. WDP was retained to investigate leakage and cracks both within the historic Capitol building and in an underground expansion completed in 2007.

The original Capitol building experienced leaks along the stairs of the South Portico entrance of the building. WDP determined that the source of the moisture infiltration were cracks in the bases of the original columns and recommended appropriate repairs to prevent further water intrusion.

The underground addition to the Virginia Capitol building experienced leaks through the south terrace skylight and failed waterproofing on the plaza. WDP was retained to evaluate the water infiltration, conduct a condition survey, and perform diagnostic testing to determine the underlying chronic structural issues and the cause of acute failures of previously attempted exterior surface repairs. Based upon the findings, WDP also provided repair alternatives consisting of temporary repairs, repair-in-place option to address the waterproofing issues only, structural repairs to the skylight, and an option for the complete rebuild of the skylight.