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Anwar M. Maharmeh, P.E., T&I Department Manager

Anwar M. Maharmeh, P.E., T&I Department Manager

Anwar is a Senior Engineer in WDP's Manassas office.

Anwar is currently managing the Testing and Inspection department, and he has 30 years of experience in Geotechnical, Material Testing and Management Consulting, and Civil Infrastructure including many transportation projects including roads, highways, and storm water drainage. He has a proven track record in leading Mega-Projects in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC Capital Area with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). 

“In my early life post high school, I was coincidentally exposed to this field and became a Field Technician and Lab Manager on a few multi-million dollar highway projects. While I enjoyed being on-site and working hands-on to create the infrastructure people access every day, I quickly realized my true passion was in the engineering behind it all. So, I set forth in my goal to become an engineer and serve the public. After four years had passed, I embarked on my journey to the next opportunity which brought me to the University of Arizona where I graduated as an engineer in 1985."

Awards / Awards Committees

  • 2002, VDOT Customer Service Award
  • VDOT Length of Service, 5 and 10 year Awards

Technical Papers/Publications & Presentations

Anwar performed research and wrote a paper on a solution to protect and provide adequate aggregates to be used in the concrete mixes for construction of several bridges in the Dead Sea Roadway Project. In addition, he also prepared and presented to the industry a series of pavement design classes based on the Vaswani (VDOT) and AASHTO T-93 methods.

Training Certifications

  • Basic Storm Water Management
  • Integrated Storm Water Control Practice - NHI
  • Design - Bid/Build a Civil Engineer Perspective - ESI
  • Storm Water Management Runoff Reduction Methods