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J. Michael Grayson, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Engineer I

J. Michael Grayson, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Engineer I

Michael is a Senior Engineer I in WDP's Manassas office.

Michael specializes in forensic structural engineering and is a credentialed Building Safety Assessment Program (SAP) evaluator. He has extensive experience in the design and construction of light-framed residential and commercial construction, and he has performed extensive research in structural building envelope performance related to wind hazards. He has been published in highly regarded books, engineering journals, and conference proceedings, and previously won the 2012 American Association of Wind Engineering Best Journal Paper for his work in mitigating damage to building envelopes due to wind-borne debris impacts.

“Working with WDP & Associates provides me with an avenue to utilize my unique background and experience to develop solutions to challenging problems that make an immediate impact on the built environment. The opportunity to see how design decisions influence the built environment in real world applications is very satisfying for me, especially given my research background in the structural and building performance aspects of community resilience.”

    Technical Papers/Publications & National Speaking Engagements

    • Grayson, J.M. and Pang, W. (2018) "Chapter 6: Wind-borne Debris Risk Impact Modeling" Wind-borne Debris Hazards. Ed. Nigel B. Kaye, PhD. Reston, vA: American Society of Civil Engineers. ISBN: 9789784414965.
    • Grayson, J.M. (2018) "Disaster Response Alliance: Rebuilding Communities Together." 2018 Presentation at the Coastal Code Enforcement Association of South Carolina (CCEASC) Annual Conference; Charleston, SC, November 5, 2018.
    • Grayson, J.M. (2017) "Improving Community Resilience to Hurricanes Through Adherence to Building Codes and Implementation of Code-plus Practices." Presentation and in the Proceedings of the 7th Biennial Professional Conference of the ASCE Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI 2017); Oklahoma City, OK, April 11-13, 2017.
    • Grayson, J.M., Pang, W., and Schiff, S.D. (2013) "Building Envelope Failure Assessment Framework for Residential Communities Subjected to Hurricanes." Engineering Structures, 51, 245-258.
    • Grayson, J.M., Pang, W., and Schiff, S.D. (2012) "Three-dimensional Probabilistic Wind-borne Debris Trajectory Model for Building Envelope Impact Risk Assessment." Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics  102, 22-35. [2013 AAWE Best Journal Paper Award].