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Jason S. Yates, P.E., Associate

Jason S. Yates, P.E., Associate

Jason Yates is an Associate in WDP's Manassas office.

Jason performs structural engineering analyses, field and laboratory investigative testing, the compilation and analysis of field and office-generated data, construction administration, and develops project specifications and drawings.

“I have worked for WDP since the name went on the door.  One day I may be working in my office crunching numbers and marking up plans, and the next day I may be hanging out on the side of a building in Oregon, or 440 feet above the Houston Ship Channel, or 30 feet below the Nation’s Capital.  From Florida to Rhode Island, and from the Bahamas to Oregon, the work at WDP has great variety.  I love that I have had the opportunity to work on the slurry walls of the World Trade Center, the attic of the US Capitol, the first building at “Mr. Jefferson’s University”, and numerous buildings at my own Alma Mater.  The job is never boring!”

    Technical Papers/Publications & Speaking Engagements

    Jason has co-authored articles published by the Journal of Testing and Evaluation and the ASCE’s Structures Congress Proceedings on such subjects as the corrosiveness of chromate exposure to steel embedded in soil or concrete and the failure of a stiffened seat bracket connection.