Serena Sauers, E.I.T., Staff Engineer

WDP Office: Manassas Serena assists senior engineers and project managers with the structural analysis and evaluation of existing structures, as well as field investigations and testing. While at NC State, Serena was a research assistant for the Center for Nuclear Energy Facilities and Structures from 2020-2023, and a member of the Grand Challenge Scholars Program […]

James Lorenzin, Staff Architect

WDP Office: Manassas James assists project managers in field investigations and testing, project document reviews and developments, and construction oversight. James’ prior experience with AutoCAD and historic building conservation caters him more to architectural surveying and recording. “My background in Historic Preservation has given me a unique opportunity to learn how architecture and engineering of […]

Collin Perry, Staff Engineer

WDP Office: Manassas Collin assists project managers and senior engineers in field investigations, nondestructive testing, building envelope consulting, structural analysis and design, and development and review of project documents. “Working at WDP, I can fuel my desire to ask ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ and get involved with a number of projects directly related to structural forensics, […]

Chris Lehman, E.I.T., Staff Engineer

WDP Office: Charlottesville  Chris’ role at WDP includes tasks such as assisting senior engineers with design calculations and building envelope-related investigations, performing research for product data and regulations, reviewing project documents for accuracy and clarity, and performing periodic site visits to ensure quality control. Before joining WDP, Chris interned with Hillis-Carnes Engineering Associates as a construction […]

Kate Franczek, E.I.T., Staff Engineer

WDP Office: Blacksburg  Kate assists project managers and senior engineers with field testing, building façade investigations, construction document review and preparation, and construction observations. “I have a passion for learning particularly learning through experience. At WDP, I get to spend time in the field discovering how certain engineering systems function and how they fail. It is […]

Carter Villa, Staff Engineer

WDP Office: Blacksburg Carter assists project managers and engineers in the assessment of large-scale commercial construction projects, building element failure investigations, historical preservation and renovation projects, and design review services. His duties typically include gathering and reviewing documents and site information for litigation support, owner’s quality assurance inspections, and quality assurance observations and testing. “I have always been […]

Alicia Niebrzydowski, Staff Architect

WDP Office: New York Alicia assists project managers in field investigations, non-destructive testing, and document preparation on a wide variety of projects ranging from schools and airports to historic theaters. For the past year, Alicia has worked as a Cases Panel Volunteer with the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, where she researched and presented on cases […]

Haya Ghandour, Staff Engineer

WDP Office: New York  Haya assists project managers in conducting field investigations, façade testing, structural evaluation, and document preparation and review. “Working at WDP provides me with the opportunity to explore engineering systems and solutions using a creative problem-solving mindset coupled with hands-on work. This allows me to expand on what I learned in college about […]

Yuri J. Chandler, P.E., Senior Engineer, Laboratory Manager

WDP Office: Manassas Yuri specializes in construction materials testing, geotechnical engineering, slope stability analysis, and retaining wall design.  He has extensive experience with materials testing which comes from several years acting as a Laboratory Manager and as a Materials Testing Department Manager.  Yuri’s role at WDP is to serve as a Senior Engineer in the […]

Brian Green-Cariño, P.E., Senior Engineer

WDP Office: Manassas Brian specializes in structural analysis and design. He focuses on investigation, repair, and alteration projects involving changes to masonry, steel, wood, and concrete structures. Brian’s experience includes investigating structures and creating designs that support the owners’ intended use. He is also familiar with assisting contractors through the construction process. “There is real […]