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"Commitment to professionalism, quality service and customer satisfaction..."

WDP’s association with Prince William County Schools is approaching fifteenyears. During this time, their firm has been PWCS’ primary resource for geotechnical investigations, soils and site construction recommendations and inspections, structural inspections, and materials testing. As part of the design and construction teams, they’ve successfully helped complete over 60 projects ranging in cost from tens of thousands to in excess of eighty-five million dollars. In just the past five years alone, WDP has been involved with the design and construction of 12 new schools and more than 33 school additions and renovations. Here at PWCS we’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished and, as an integral partner, WDP should be as well.

PWCS has the ability to choose our services providers, but, with WDP’s commitment to professionalism, quality service and customer satisfaction, I would expect our relationship to continue for many years to come.

Warren D. Thompson, Jr., Director of Facilities Services, Supervisor of Construction Division
Prince William County Public Schools