Compost Facility

Freestate Farms Mulch / Compost Facility

The project consisted of the construction of an advanced composting system capable of processing at least thirty thousand tons per year of yard waste into high quality organic compost, which will include a depackaging and pallet waste receiving facility, a pre-processing pavilion area, concrete walled bunkers for aerated primary composting with supporting biofilter mechanical equipment, mass beds and windrows for secondary composting and curing, grinding/screening, processing, and storage areas, and odor control measures.

WDP worked closely with the owner, design team, and Construction Manager during contractor review and selection. Once a contractor was selected, WDP continued project involvement with full-time special inspections and material testing services for the extraordinary soil and rock challenges across the site. WDP’s continued involvement in design and construction proved extremely valuable to the Owner, such that unnecessary excavation and earthwork costs were minimized.

WDP was involved in multiple design phase geotechnical studies in accordance with changes to the design. Significant challenges consisted of uncontrolled, debris-laden existing fill, fat clay and hard diabase bedrock. To identify and address these concerns, WDP performed test pits, test borings, and a seismic refraction geophysical survey as part of our geotechnical engineering services. Site grades were adjusted as needed due to diabase bedrock and considerable removal and replacement of debris laden fill and fat clay was required for proper facility performance.

  • Geotechnical design investigation
  • Construction phase special inspections and materials testing
  • Geotechnical consulting