More Than Just a Job

At WDP, your position is more than just a job, and your path to Principal is only limited by your own motivation. Almost our entire management team began their careers with WDP at entry-level positions and have progressed to lead the company.

WDP is a place where you can establish your career and grow with the firm as you find a specialization or niche that you are passionate about.  Your professional and personal success is our success. 

We place an emphasis on education and proper training, both in the office and out in the field. Due to the nature of our work, each day varies from the last. Our entry-level engineers gain hands-on experience in all specialties by working alongside each project manager during their initial years at the firm. Our experienced engineers are encouraged to become involved with professional education programs as well as industry organizations and committees.

In terms of work culture, we strive to foster an environment of constant learning. The nature and range of our forensic work provides ample opportunity to obtain in-depth knowledge of structural engineering and building science. Learning from failures and developing engineering solutions that work is a unique opportunity. Our goal is to allow staff to focus on areas of interest so that someone can become a true subject-matter expert. Expertise is the value that we bring to clients.

WDP Staff Volunteer with Prince William County Habitat for Humanity.
WDP Staff Volunteer with Prince William County Habitat for Humanity.

WDP Cares

Our nationally-recognized expertise has opened doors to projects nationwide, but we operate like a small family business, genuinely caring for the well-being of our staff. We strive to make them feel appreciated and involve them in developing policies and procedures with real impact through participation in our Employee Interaction and ESOP Communication Committees.

WDP also cares about the communities where we live and work and encourages staff to participate in community-service activities.

Andrew Wagner (Colored) 2

... Whether it is solving existing problems or helping mitigate the potential for future problems, it is really rewarding working with a variety of people to develop functional solutions. And I really enjoy that the nature of my job gives me a unique perspective that I can bring to the table.

John Grill - Colored_0

Working at WDP has afforded me wonderful project opportunities - from concrete flood channels in California, to cable-stay bridges in Texas, to highway box beams in Florida, to tunnels beneath our Nation’s capital, and all types of buildings and structures in between. . .working at WDP means that you have the opportunity to experience the entire repair process. . .the variety of working environments, locations, structures, and conditions is what makes this job so interesting.

WDP is an equal opportunity employer and offers an excellent working environment with a comprehensive benefits package that includes:

Health insurance

(medical, dental, and vision) partially paid by WDP

Paid life insurance

Paid disability insurance

Paid time off

401(k) plan with company match

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Tuition Reimbursement