Post-Earthquake Condition Assessments, Washington, DC

After the Central Virginia earthquake in August 2011, WDP performed rapid and detailed post-earthquake structural evaluations and damage assessments for multiple buildings to ensure the occupants could safely return after the event.

The buildings inspected by WDP include:

  • The Capitol Printing Facility
  • The Historic Furniture Storage Facility
  • The Jefferson Library of Congress
  • The Cannon House Office Building
  • The East & West House Garages
  • 501 1st Street, the US Capitol/Cannon Building Tunnel
  • The Senate Mail Receipt Facility

In addition, WDP inspected several buildings on the Capitol Power Plant Complex, including:

  • The West Refrigeration, Boiler
  • Generator, Administration
  • Coal Yard
  • East Refrigeration
  • Ash Silo Buildings
  • Structural Evaluations
  • Strcutural Assesments