Adult Detention Center Expansion & Modular Jail Renovations

Adult Detention Center Expansion & Modular Jail Renovations

During the design and bidding of Phases 1 and 2, WDP assisted Prince William County and the design team with project plans and specification development, bid documents and quantities, and related pre-construction assistance for the Phase 1, five-story, 122,000 SF, 200-cell Adult Detention Center expansion.

Phase 2 consisted of an addition to and alteration of the existing Prince William — Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center involving construction of the 86,000 SF addition consisting of three stories and 204 beds. The Phase 2 addition included housing units, service areas, small warehousing, and a kitchen, as well as some renovation work for connection of the Phase 2 addition into the existing building.

For the Modular Jail repairs, WDP assisted the County with inspection of roof level steel repairs, evaluation of water infiltration into the crawl space, and observation of flashing and roof installations. Through all phases of the ADC expansion and renovation work, WDP was retained to provide construction phase special inspections and materials testing services for soils, concrete, masonry, structural steel, fireproofing, and precast concrete.

Challenges included shallow, hard bedrock and remnants of past developments within this adult detention center campus. WDP worked closely with the owner, design and construction teams to identify and remove development remnants and ensure all phases of facility expansion and renovation would perform as intended by design. Due to high bearing capacity requirement for foundations, WDP examined and evaluated bedrock materials to assure they were competent for building support. Phases 1 and 2 entailed over 2,000 precast concrete elements, which required considerable inspection coordination and presence of WDP to keep the project on schedule and minimize deficiencies.

  • Geotechnical Design Consulting
  • Construction Phase Special Inspections and Materials Testing
  • Laboratory Testing