Rollins Ford Park

Rollins Ford Community Park

The 64-acre park is located off Rollins Ford Road and the extension between Linton Hall and Vint Hill Rd.  The park features a dog park, two multi-use synthetic turf fields, a basketball court, multiple walking paths, and a farm-themed playground that represents the rural area around the park.

WDP provided two geotechnical investigations with design recommendations for the project, consistent with PWC DCSM requirements. The initial investigation was to address repairs to the existing SWM pond including slope stability analysis. The second investigation was to provide field exploration, laboratory testing, and design recommendations for the build-out of the park. Recommendations were provided for earthwork and fill placement/compaction, athletic fields, utilities, pavements, comfort station, pavilions, dog shelters, walking trails, and pedestrian bridge.

During construction of the SWM pond repairs, WDP monitored the new geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) installation to mitigate pond seepage issues. Incidental construction included storm drain piping and structure improvements that would be completed during the build-out phase of the project. During the phase two build-out of the project, WDP provided special inspections and materials testing for earthwork and related site improvements including utilities, paved areas, and site concrete. Special inspections and testing for the various support structures included building pad construction, foundations and slabs, CMU walls, and structural steel elements.

  • Geotechnical investigation to provide geotechnical design recommendations
  • Construction/Special inspections and materials testing services
  • Geotechnical engineering consulting