Thomas Nelson Community College

Thomas Nelson Community College, Hastings Hall

WDP has held a term contract for A/E Professional Services with Virginia Community College System since 2017. The term contract services any one or more of 40 community college campuses, or other sites located throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Since 2017, we have worked on more than 15 VCCS projects, with services ranging from roof replacements investigations, water leakage and masonry wall cracking investigation.

Hastings Hall has been experiencing water infiltration through the roof assembly for 15-20 years, around the time when the roof was previously replaced. During the fieldwork planning for the investigation, WDP performed various water testing of the different leaks to determine if a roof replacement would address each leak, or if additional façade repairs were required. The results of the testing indicated that multiple through-wall flashings and other façade components needed to be repaired with the roof membrane, otherwise, leakage into the roof would likely have continued.

The final design incorporated masonry repairs, addition of metal wall panels, replacement of the roof system with a new two ply modified bitumen assembly, raising of the HVAC units to prevent the duct work from sitting on the roof surface, and other repairs to extend the life of the building.

During construction, WDP provided full administration services including reviewing submittals, conducting progress meetings, making site visits, responding to contractor RFIs, providing sketches, and other general support tasks. This project was substantially complete on March 29, 2023 and is currently completing punch list items. Final completion is projected in May of 2023.

Due to the significant MEP related issues, WDP also coordinated and closely worked with a MEP engineer during the investigation, repair design, and through construction to facilitate a comprehensive approach that would incorporate each discipline that would be heavily involved in the work.