Moss Arts Center

Moss Arts Center

The Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech and the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology are headquartered in the Moss Arts Center, named for renowned artist Patricia Buckley Moss (who signed her work as P. Buckley Moss). Designed by Snoetta and STV, the theater seats 1,260 and features a 100 ft. tall performance hall, visual arts galleries, and a four-story experimental theater.  It also houses environmentally intense laboratories and studios. The 150,000 sq. ft. building consists of multiple steel and concrete-framed structures, and the building exterior enclosure is a combination of cement fiber reinforced panels, metal stud backed precast panels, stone masonry cladding, and custom aluminum curtain wall systems.

WDP aided in ensuring the separate buildings’ air and water management envelopes were properly integrated together and advised on how to configure the complex and intricate expansion joints between the various structures. The base of the theater extended more than a story below the water table, requiring a complex installation of below-grade foundation waterproofing. WDP provided advice and assistance to the A/E to help solve problems with unique and unanticipated waterproofing details needed to accommodate the complex foundation and performed construction observation to help locate problems during construction. The project reached its goal of being LEED GOLD certified.

U.S. Green Building Council - LEED Gold - USGBC

As building enclosure consultant to the Owner, WDP’s scope of services included:

  • Peer review of the building envelope design,
  • Submittal and RFI review,
  • Water and air infiltration testing on window units,
  • Water infiltration and structural load testing on the Hokie stone masonry,
  • Construction observation of the building envelope included:
    • Assistance to the Owner and Architect in developing solutions.
    • Daily reports and lists of building envelope-related problems