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Ryann Callahan, Accounting and Administrative Assistant

Ryann Callahan, Accounting and Administrative Assistant

Ryann is the Accounting and Administrative Assistant in WDP's Manassas office.

Ryann was recruited to support the growth of WDP's dynamic business and client base.  Her previous work experiences have allowed Ryann to develop broad knowledge and solution-focused skills in several areas of business management, including human resources and employee benefits administration, contract negotiation and implementation, vendor and client relations, and administration and accounting.  Ryann's typical day at WDP is spent supporting colleagues in administrative and accounting tasks, however, her solution-focused determination and competence provide Ryann with a diverse assortment of business-related tasks that promote interest and prevent monotony.  

"I feel most accomplished when I am part of a team of highly functioning professionals working together to provide solutions to the obstacles of business.  The very nature of the field of Engineering requires critical thinking to solve complex problems on site, and I appreciate the creativity and professionalism of my colleagues as they operate within their technical and administrative specialties.  I consider myself a perpetual student of life, and I am excited at the information, knowledge, and opportunities for development available here at WDP."