Brian Green-Cariño, P.E., Senior Engineer

WDP Office: Manassas

Brian specializes in structural analysis and design. He focuses on investigation, repair, and alteration projects involving changes to masonry, steel, wood, and concrete structures. Brian’s experience includes investigating structures and creating designs that support the owners’ intended use. He is also familiar with assisting contractors through the construction process.

“There is real joy in knowing how structures work to keep buildings supported against wind, rain, snow — everything the world throws at it; engineers consider and design for it. I’ve enjoyed learning about different kinds of buildings and how structural systems have changed over the decades since the industrial revolution. I look at every project as a unique opportunity to learn more about how buildings work and how best we can use them to meet today’s needs.”

Professional Qualifications

Years with WDP

Brian joined WDP & Associates as a Senior Engineer in June 2022.


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Cornell University, 2014

Registrations / Certifications

Professional Engineer: VA, DC, MD