Ian Scott, Marketing Assistant

WDP Office: Manassas

Ian started in marketing with WDP’s internship where he took the lead on preparing the new website for launch and took responsibility with the Marketing Team’s data management tool to make it more useful to the Marketing Team.

Ian now supports the Marketing Team by creating WDP’s newsletter, updating the new website, adding to the CRM, assisting in RFP pursuits, and other daily tasks.

When working in the marketing department, there is always a new proposal to work on or a new hire to get settled in, so your day never looks the same. Whether it’s getting to meet and interact with our staff of engineers and architects, or creating and working on graphics for the website, it’s always fascinating and I feel like I’m constantly learning about the industry around us.


Professional Qualifications

Years with WDP

Ian joined WDP as a Marketing Assistant in August of 2023.


Bachelor of Arts, Communication, George Mason University, 2020

Honors and Scholarships

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