Leyla Scott, Director of Administrative Services

WDP Office: Manassas 

Leyla has worked with WDP since the firm’s inception. She handles the corporate administrative functions as well as human resources. Leyla works closely with the Principals of WDP on matters such as insurance renewals, retirement and ESOP benefits, recruiting, and purchasing to ensure that the firm is running smoothly and efficiently.

“I take pride in the fact that I can sincerely say I enjoy my job and the WDP team. I have been working with Rhett and Andy since 1987 and many of the staff for decades, so WDP is like a second family to me. When speaking with potential employees, I make sure to relay to them that the Principals at WDP have performed and continue to perform the tasks that are required of staff, such as conducting an investigation from a swing stage on the side of a building. It is one of the things that makes WDP unique in that the Principals are engaged hands-on in project-related work, not just running the business. They work closely with the staff in the field, sharing their expertise.  Another factor that makes us unique is our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which is fully funded by WDP and rather rare for a small firm.”


Professional Qualifications

Years with WDP

Leyla has been working for WDP since 1987.