Marion Courthouse

Marion Courthouse Square Complex

The Marion County Courthouse Square Complex exhibited signs of structural and building envelope distress within 10 years of construction. Deficiencies included slab center deflections, cracking of concrete, water leakage, and displaced exterior masonry veneer.  Initial structural analysis of the primary building frame identified severe deficiencies in serviceability limits and structural capacity, particularly punching shear.  Deficiencies posed a significant potential life safety concern, and the building was vacated by the county.

WDP created a Design/Build solution to remediate the problems and restore the serviceability of the complex for the next 50 years, which was more economically feasible than demolishing the structure and building anew.

  • Foundation/footing enhancements
  • Structural frame modifications (column widening, CFRP strengthening, shear wall modifications)
  • Bus loop structural improvements (bonded overlay, column modifications, epoxy wear coat)
  • Roofing and parapet repairs
  • Exterior masonry cladding repairs (retrofit anchors, flashing repair, re-support at shelf angles)
  • Exterior wall framing repairs
  • Window modifications/improvements
  • Completed repairs 2012-2014
  • Repair cost $22.9M (< 1/2 of original repair estimate)
  • Structural and building envelope investigation.
  • Structural and architectural engineering remediation design.
  • Remediate complex strength to allow it to achieve intended 50-year service life.
  • Building envelope evaluation and repair design to restore life safety and achieve a 50-year life serviceability of existing building complex.