Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts – Pauley Center

Designed to replicate the White House in Washington, the monumental limestone of the Stan and Dorothy Pauley Center was built in 1932 as a residence for destitute female relatives of Confederate Veterans. Designated as a memorial to the women of the South, the Pauley Center now houses museum offices, meeting and reception rooms, and art studios, as well as the headquarters of the Virginia Association of Museums.

Water infiltration through the existing built-up roof system to the concrete roof slabs had led to numerous leaks within the historic building.  With five separate roofs, WDP performed work at the the Pauley Center in two separate projects. Prior to designing the roof system repair, WDP performed water testing at varying locations on the roofs. Water infiltration was found to be primarily located at the balustraded parapet walls. A Report of Findings was presented to the Owner during each project.

WDP designed the single-ply membrane replacement roof system with liquid flashing installed over pertinent joints at the parapets to help prevent water infiltration at the walls, as requested by the Owner. WDP also performed limited construction administration services including submittal, RFI, and pay application reviews, as well as limited site visits.

The schematic design for Phase 1 of the project started in September 2015, and design documents were completed in October of the same year. Construction started in July of 2016 and was completed early 2017. The schematic design for Phase 2 of the project started in July 2019, and design documents were completed in December of the same year. In addition, WDP was retained to provide construction assistance to the architecture firm in charge of the roof replacement on the remaining four roof sections.